Loving my New Bread Machine

by Dean on August 8, 2016

home made breadI have never been a fan of cooking. But being a stay at home mom of two kids who are totally devoted to bread and a wife to a hubby who loves to eat homemade food, has led me develop into a person who cooks without complaints. I love the glimmer in their eyes for every single new dish I experiment with and believe me, given my culinary skills; they ARE really patient and good. Recently, I took some cooking classes and got to learn baking so many types of bread. But the kneading and mixing and all that ‘put-in-the-oven-and-bake’ thing is really not that much appealing.

zojirushi bread makerSo, we saved a little money and got a decent bread machine with the festive discount. The machine is nothing less than the famous Zojirushi BB PAC 20. The machine was very expensive and we have to cut down some other expenses too to get it; but once we have got it, I feel really lucky and blessed to have such a companion in my kitchen.

Now, I don’t have to do any kneading; don’t have to worry over the proper mixing of all the ingredients and messing up with the dough of pizza, cakes, etc. I can even make the gluten free bread for my mother in law whenever she is visiting us and this gesture of mine has made our bond stronger still. She loves how I take special care of her taste preferences and never let her indulge in readymade bread while she is with us.

Let me BOAST a little:

The machine is one of the highest rated bread makers in the market and comes with a perfect finish of class and style. The compact machine placed on the counter takes very less space and is perfect for my crowded kitchen. Apart from the exterior, it has the controls and interior machinery to die for. The ultimate manufacturing and finish of the baking pan makes sure that the bread turns out even and fine. There is even a cute little heater on the top of the lid which ensures that the bread gets baked from the top section too and the crust comes crispy and lovely.

pizza dough bread machineThere are settings for making pizza dough, sourdough bread, gluten free bread, regular bread, whole wheat bread, jam and cake. The intelligent controls allow every user to control the texture of the crust of the bread. I like it with medium crispiness.

The very best feature of this machine is that it comes with a delayed timer of 13 hours which allows me to set the machine on in the night after putting all the ingredients in the baking pan in the night only. I set the timer to go off at 5.30 in the morning and by the time I wake up, I have delicious home baked bread ready for my kids and husband. I love to walk in the kitchen drenched in the aroma of fresh baking.

What makes it different from regular oven?

See, in the oven, I used to face some problems like the dough used to come out of the pan sometimes. Or the crust got too brown (sometimes burnt even), the loads of cleaning left after kneading and baking, putting the fruits and nuts after kneading and making sure that the texture of the dough doesn’t change too much to affect the bread baking etc.

With my Zojirushi now, I just have to put all the things together in a pan and wait for a ding-ding..!!

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